David and Bathsheba's child dies

What was the name of David's son that died due to his sin?

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Jun 13, 2013
Answer: David and Bathsheba's Child Dies
by: Gustavo

I'm afraid this may be one of those unsolvable Bible riddles.

2 Sam 5:14 (and Chron 3:5, 14:4) mention the names of David and Bathsheba's sons (Shammua, Shobab, Nathan, Solomon).

However, in the story of the death of David's son, no name is given for the child.

It is speculated, though this cannot be confirmed, that the child was a newborn who died on the 7th day after his birth and had no name. Typically, children are named on the 8th day when they are circumcised (see Luke 1:59-63 for an example).

The chronology for this theory begins at 2 Sam 2:14 where Nathan tells David that the child that WILL BE born to him will die. In 2 Sam 2:18, the child died on the SEVENTH day.

If Nathan visited David on the day of the child's birth then the seventh day would be one day before the child's circumcision and prior to the naming of the son.

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Author: Gustavo Karakey

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