Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Reading Through Biblical History

Chronological Bible Reading Plans
Reading Through Biblical History


The Chronological Bible Reading Plan takes you through the Scriptures in the order of when each of the recorded events took place.

Currently, about half of the Old Testament and all of the epistles of the New Testament are not listed chronologically.

However, reading the Scriptures based on a historical timeline, gives you a sense for the grand and sweeping story within the Bible.

Old Testament Chronology

In the Old Testament, a Bible reading plan based on chronology mostly follows a typical book order for the first 16 books.

The Book of Job, however, is inserted right after Genesis because the events of Job are somewhat similar to the time frame of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob).

The first 16 books of the Old Testament tell the story of creation, Abraham and the Patriarchs, Moses and the Exodus, Joshua and the conquest of the Promised Land, Samson and the Judges and King David and the Israelite kingdoms.

The Book of Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon are inserted into the time when King David and Solomon ruled. This is because David is believed to have written many of the Psalms and Solomon is believed to be the author of the latter three books mentioned.

Our chronology in the OT also includes the ordering of God’s prophets in the timeline of when they preached their message.

Most of the prophets fall somewhere in the latter portion of 2 Kings, when God sent prophets to warn his people about their approaching judgment.)

However, some prophesied during and then after the exile.

New Testament Chronology

In the New Testament, you being your reading in the gospels with Jesus’ life, ministry, death and resurrection and then move on to a history of the Christian church in Acts.

However, after that, you begin reading the first letters that were written to the churches (1 Thessalonians) and continue in the order that we believe these letters were written.

This gives you a fresh and exciting perspective regarding the growth of the Christian church and the letters that were written to address various issues that were popping up as the church expanded.

A Word on Biblical Chronology

As in all things related to the Bible there is some disagreement on the timing of certain events in the Scriptures.

Thus, the books in this plan are ordered based on a conservative estimate of when their events are to have occurred.

For a detailed view of biblical history, please be sure to check out our Bible Timeline page.
This timeline can also be used in conjunction with this Chronological Bible Reading Plan to aid in your understanding and to give you an idea of why we placed certain books in a certain order.

Download Chronological Bible Reading Plan

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Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Happy reading!